Monday, April 12, 2010


Public Space - Private Space
Exhibit opens May 8, 2010

The Teaneck Creek Conservancy is delighted to announce the opening of Windows On the Park II, an exhibit that examines the boundaries between public and private space. The exhibit is made up of window frames that have been removed from the walls of homes — the walls that claim to protect an individual’s privacy — and have been transplanted into the imaginary and elusive walls of the public exhibition space within Teaneck Creek Park

Viewers who look through these window frames have to decide whether the images they see are reflected in the windowpane or if the images are photographs taken in the park and mounted to replace the glass. The images may contain a tangible as well as intangible frame-within-a-frame, thereby eluding the viewers’ perceptions of the boundary between private and public space. The images’ subjects, colors, shapes, and other formal features, as well as their combinations, provoke additional scrutiny of this uncertain limit.

Said curator Rachel Banai: “Is there a separation between public space and private space? Can we employ our mind to define our private space? Is our mind our only private space? This exhibition challenges the myth that there is a separation between public and private spaces. It unsettles our belief that we can use our mind to separate between the public and the private. It argues that we do not enjoy privacy even in the supposed intimacy of our mind. Public and private spaces are interwoven, and they are the results of our imagination, education, and belief systems as well as the consequences of technology, government, religious, and commerce control and indoctrination.”

This exhibit will run from May 8 through May 31. It is sponsored by the Teaneck Creek Conservancy and Puffin Forum Photography Club members.

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