Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 22-23 Papermaking with Plants – Anytime, anywhere, anyhow

Jane Ingram Allen, TCC's visiting artist in residence will led this 2-day adult workshop which will cover how to make paper from local plant materials with minimal equipment and facilities and sustainable practices. The emphasis will be on creative problem solving to make unique handmade paper art using ordinary household equipment and plants found in your own backyard. The instructor will introduce unique techniques that she has developed from her experiences as an artist in residence in Taiwan, Nepal, Japan, Brazil, the Philippines, Tanzania and Bali, Indonesia as well as at art centers and nature parks in the USA. Both Asian and Western papermaking techniques will be used during the workshop. This workshop runs 9am -4pm with abreak for lunch. Students will provide their own lunch.

Jane Ingram Allen is an American sculptor/installation artist and hand papermaker. She is originally from Alabama and has lived in New York State since 1988. In 2004 she received a Fulbright Scholar Award for a six-month research project on hand papermaking in Taiwan. Her Fulbright grant was extended through July 2005 with sponsorship by the Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs/National Endowment for Culture and Art. Jane’s work in Taiwan has resulted in the publication of a book “Made in Taiwan – an American Papermaking Artist’s Journey Around Taiwan” that details her experience of living and working in 14 different communities and using over 135 different plants to make paper. Jane currently lives in central Taiwan with her husband Tim who is teaching English at a local college.

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