Monday, January 12, 2009

Greetings from the Creek

January is so much about new beginnings. The ideas and possibilities that stretch before us seem unlimited and so possible.

The volunteers and staff of the Teaneck Creek Conservancy have returned from the holiday break renewed and energized. The months of 2009 stretch before us like an unmarked canvas and we stand paint brushes at the ready!

If you are on our e-mail blast list you know that one of our "resolutions" in this new year is to better communicate with our stakeholders. As a 501 (c)(3) organization we recognize our commitment to serve you, our community.

Towards that end we are taking advantage of every tool at our disposal, including the wealth of opportunities that the Internet provides. Please visit our website, (, sign up for our e-newsletter, and tune in here, at our new blog: Conversations at the Creek. Let us know what you would like to see happen at the Teaneck Creek Conservancy this year!


  1. Good Morning!
    The Creek looks beautiful in the winter picture. Will visit the Creek to relieve the stress of job hunting. these are trying times. The Creek provides me with a beautiful way to unwind with minimal expense. Thank you for being there.

    Keep the words describing animals and nature in the dictionary. Children will not know these terms and NEED to know them. The publishers can list the technical words, such as, ipod, at the back of the book, in the same way they list famous people or events. Children will know the technical words but may not know how to spell them.

    Phyllis Dunsay

  2. Thanks, Phyllis. I'm glad that you appreciate the restorative powers of the park.Personally, I always find solutions come when you are in a calm place. So best of luck with your search.

    And a message out to all our friends that find themselves to be between gigs - volunteering with the non-profit of your choice is always a great way to stay connected and active in down times. You never know where those contacts may take you. I speak from experience, having left the busuiness world after 25 years before following my passion into environmental issues. Have never looked back.